Modern Trujillo has a splendid past reflected in its archaeological and historical monuments, a present full of the challenges imposed by the modern world, and a promising future. It is a history that has a known beginning, a present of which we are all part of and a future to be built. A rich sequence of historical events give meaning to our lives.
Our confidence for a better future is exemplified in the willingness and effort shown by all Trujillanos. But it is also found in the lessons left to us by the ancient inhabitants of the region, whose efforts throughout history form the deep roots with which all Trujillanos identify.
Without doubt, the people of Trujillo identify most with the Moche culture, which is not said to downplay the importance of Salinar, Gallinazo or Chim?. Moche is the name of the river that waters our countryside; Moche is the name of the town that has maintained its cultural traditions to this day; and the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna at Moche is the name of the archaeological remains of the ancient Moche capital.
Moche, then, is the name with which we all identify, regardless of race, religion, social status or age.
The Sociedad Cervecera de Trujillo S.A. and the National University of La Libertad-Trujillo, aware of the importance of this cultural heritage and how understanding the past can help create a better future, have been carrying out excavations, conservation and dissemination about the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna. In taking on this commitment, we are conscious of the role that institutions and modern companies should play in the recovery and the dissemination of our most fundamental values.
This publication on the Huacas del Sol y de la Luna is intended to disseminate the importance of Trujillo's cultural heritage, presenting in a simple way the material culture of our ancestors.
In this way, we hope to contribute to a better understanding of our past and a better perception of our present on which to build the future that we all desire.

Victor Montori Alfaro
President, Board of Directors
Sociedad Cervecera de Trujillo S.A.
Juan D’Auriol Stoessel
General Manager
Sociedad Cervecera de Trujillo S.A.
Guillermo Gil Malca
National University of La Libertad-Trujillo

This booklet was written by members of the Archaeological Project Huaca de la Luna of the Social Sciences Department at the National University of La Libertad-Trujillo.

Begun in 1991, the project has received support from several institutions, including the Ford Foundation, the Cassinelli service station, the provincial municipality of Trujillo, and the Sociedad Cervecera de Trujillo S.A. Since 1995 the project has relied increasingly on the support of the Sociedad Cervecera de Trujillo S.A. Excavation, conservation and dissemination of the discoveries at this important monument have been guaranteed --thanks to an interinstitutional agreement until the year 2000.


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